Medicinal Mixology

the practice of crafting restorative cocktails

The Medicinal Mixology Mission

If you want to avoid drinking neon-hued drinks with ridiculous names that are too embarrassing to say out loud, then you might like what we’re doing. We don’t claim to be experts; in fact, we’ll make mistakes and you’ll hate some of our recipes, but we’re here to provide resources and experiments for those interested in improving their wellbeing one glass at a time by avoiding artificial additives.

Drinking to good health might not make much sense at first glance, but a study of the history of spirits and cocktails shows that healing ailments has always been at the root of boozy culture. Of course there are other options for healing or preventing minor woes, but many people have always chosen a restorative cocktail over a pharmaceutical tincture for one simple reason– the cocktail is much more palatable. We love being healthy, and we love doing healthy things like drinking water, but sometimes that is just so… boring. Sometimes you want something more special in your glass.

We don’t expect you to be as well stocked as a bar, nor do we assume you’re happy to spend $400 at the liquor store just to make a few cocktails we suggest.  Our recommendations are affordable, available, and completely free of artificial additives. And we suggest such spirits because of quality and complexity rather than multimillion dollar advertising campaigns or celebrity endorsements.

We refuse to use ingredients with artificial colors or flavors, high fructose corn syrup, or tons of unnecessary sugar.  If you’re worried about whether the spirits in your liquor cabinet meet these standards, or you want to know what products to look for the next time you visit the liquor store, browse our library of spirits to see what we recommend.

Or search through our recipes collection to learn how to mix drinks with medicinal qualities, but no medicinal taste. We’re also developing a temperance section that will feature satisfying recipes for non-alcoholic beverages.

Afterall, our blog is an exploration of mixology and how we can drink to good health, so follow along with our adventures to learn more about drinking healthy beverages that cure discomforts, warm the cheeks, and titillate the senses.

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