St. George B&E Bourbon

St. George Breaking & Entering (B&E) Bourbon

St. George Breaking and Entering (B&E) Bourbon

distillery: St. George

origin: crafted in Kentucky, but blended and bottled in Alameda, California, USA

distilled from: a mash of at least 51% corn

abv: 43% (86 proof)

average price of St. George B&E Bourbon: $34 for 750 mL

details:  Although crafted in Kentucky, this bourbon was blended in Alameda, California, at St George Distillery; actually, to be more specific, St. George distills their spirits in an old hangar right across the bay from San Francisco.  And we love the stuff coming from this creative team.  The B&E stands for ‘breaking and entering’, and the guys at St George are happy to admit that they’ve stolen these barrels to add a little Californian ingenuity to Kentucky tradition. This bottling is made from 80 different barrels ranging in age from five to seven years.  B&E is a great whiskey for those who shy away from drinking bourbon because they believe it to be too sweet and lacking in complexity, because B&E is not boring, and not overly sweet– it’s just right, with a spicy mid-palate and a warm burn.


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